Kendallville is awash in fairies, gnomes and other magical creatures.

About 24 new fairy and gnome homes can be found in the Kendallville area. Families can improve literacy and be active together as they search for the hidden doors.

The community collaboration is sponsored by Activate Noble County, Parkview Noble, Cole Family YMCA, Kendallville Public Library, and various Kendallville businesses.

Here’s the story:

An exodus of magical creatures from Ohio and Michigan was the result of an overabundance of stink bugs invading the creatures’ homes. A family of protection gnomes, Rowley and Rowena Gibletmuncher, has moved into Kendallville City Hall to look for danger in the community.

The fairies and gnomes are gentle creatures, each with a story, and are welcome to the city. But beware, trolls lurk in their troves in the alley next to the Strand Theater, inside Bixler Lake Park, and at the building at Vine and South Main streets, home of the Nightmare on Main Street Haunted House. The Kendallville Police patrol these areas regularly to make sure no troll is creating havoc.

For a complete map and stories about each inhabitant, click here:

People are asked to be respectful when visiting the doors and not disturb them.